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2,0 marketing or Marketing online

The Marketing research in Internet, is the evolution of Marketing or conventional Marketing research to new digital means, especially the present Internet or Web 2,0 where the user (inbound marketing) by means of the use of the Social Networks and Blogs, happens to be an important part of Our Brand, to the power to speak and to freely show his opinions and in real time, no longer they publish only means.

Digital marketing - ProfitHost

The Importance of appearing in the first results

To be on the front page of the main web search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo) with excellent criteria search to the turn of your business is vital; The problem is that the places on the front page of the results are limited, 10 natural results, 3 or 4 announcements in the part superior and inferior and more and more occasions 3 or 4 for the Universal Search, this last cradle in customized criteria as the GeoLocalizaci³n.


Between the most outstanding characteristics of Marketing 2,0 they are: the segmentation of the market, the influential ones of marketing, the behavioural publicity in line, the collaborative surroundings, the communications multi-channel and the optimization for web search engines.

Techniques of Digital Marketing

A great variety of techniques of Digital Marketing exists and every day they appear new updates and applications with new characteristics of measurement, some of these are: the analytical Web, search engine optimization, the marketing of contents, the social publicity in finders (SEM), email marketing, networks, the publicity in social networks, e-commerce, the publicity display, movable marketing and the administration of communities.

Services of Digital Marketing

We improve Your Visibility in Internet

Social SEO, SEM, Means, Networks, Inbound,€¦.

We prepare the strategy that better adapts to your needs Guarantee of Results.

Posts de Digital Marketing


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