Services offered from 1999 as WebMaster freelance SEO.

€œProfitHost€ WebMaster freelance SEO is nick for Internet that it alone adopts in 2015 after my professional restoration to this fantastic and frantic world of the design and search engine optimization Web SEO.

In this page you will be able to know a little me, of ProfitHost and in addition to see some commentary of my clients. Thank you very much by Your Visit.

About ProfitHost

ProfitHost and Pedro Luis Cuevas Villarrubia

Zoe and Pedro Luis Cuevas Villarrubia - Freelance WebMaster and SEO from 1999

Zoe and Pedro Luis Cuevas Villarrubia €“ Freelance WebMaster and SEO from 1999

After passing almost 10 years in Mexico as Founder and CEO of Global Solutions Web S. of R.L of H.P. (MexDesign.com-MexWebs.com-SWG.mx).

Some sabbatic years more, studying and looking for existential answers.

And agreeing with my 47 birthdays I began this new walking in ProfitHost.es as freelance WebMaster from Villaviciosa, Asturias Spain.

What commonly we know as €œdesign a webpage€, it goes much more there of the aesthetic part to which reference.

The majority of the times, when we want and/or we needed a webpage for our business or company.

We look for a designer Web, until there all perfect one, if in fact what we want it is a webpage design.

But in the 100% of the occasions, which we wished is to increase to our volume of business being useful the new technologies.

And that is not going to happen only acquiring the design of a webpage, because a part quite often forgotten by the designers Web, is the WPO or the optimization of the webpage.

Google recommends it and it offers a Web to help us and in addition the power us to measure the optimization, which will benefit us in the positioning from its finder and also our users will thank for it to us, with good speeds of load and a correct optimization as much for mobile as for writing-desk thus winning in user experience.

In the following images you can verify the fruit of my work:



By that reason I offer a service integral Web so that all the necessary pieces fit as in a clock, you can visit our projects Web.

From the registry of the domain to search engine optimization. Systems of advanced support, map of the site, zone of user and contact

Passing through the lodging Web, the updates, SEO, SEM, the maintenance Web and how no, the design of webpage.

In addition story with the support and the collaboration to excellent professionals of the size sector the International, that they are gotten up precise to the projects that I realise in ProfitHost €“ Design Web Asturias.


Recommendations and Gratefulness for ProfitHost €“ WebMAster and SEO FreeLance

Gratefulness to Freelance ProfitHost


iBluestorem³vil, wants to be thankful to him of convincing form a:

Pedro Luis Cuevas Villarrubia, his implication in this project, Pedro you know that without your help this would not be possible;).

At the moment offering its services in Asturwebs.es WebMaster and SEO FreeLance

Pedro, aside from being a person with the gift of the charisma, is a highly qualified professional and everything referring in pages Webs:

Virtual stores, blogs, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing and positioning SEO, SEM.

With more than 20 years of experience at world-wide level.

Having left in the territories of America a great open market.

As well as several pages Webs of much prestige.

At the moment we have the luck to count on its presence in Spain.

ProfitHost WebMaster and SEO FreeLance already are giving war with its new projects.

Here we left the link you of this, certainly this:

Directory geolocalizado of businesses and events, https://miciudad.top he will give that to speak.

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Director, iBlueStoreMovil

I recommend to you that you work with ProfitHost


Then I know his founder Pedro Luis Cuevas Villarrubia for more than twelve years, when a friend common recommended it to make the design of my first webpage.

Then its company finalist of @ of Gold in the United States was in Mexico directing, as better Hispanic company of professional services in Internet with MexDesign.com.

Deriving a time later in MexWebs.mx (S.W.G. S.C.), Pedro advised to me on the true function of a €œWebpage€

And it spoke to me of things that much more behind schedule, everybody would make emphasis:

The importance of the positioning in Google and the necessary work of the SEO to obtain it, always without losing of view the main objective:

€œThe Satisfaction of the User€.

Today, after their predictions became reality and are tendencies.

Pedro now from ProfitHost WebMaster and SEO FreeLance continues working next to my.

Helping me to prevail in the difficult one and specialized world of the present Internet.

At the moment, my www.federicosluque.com webpage, is on the verge of entering, in wished TOP 100,000 of almost a million sites that there are anywhere in the world. (15/03/2016) Federico Sim³n Luque

Writer & Coach, FedericoSLuque