Hello, good morning, it was happened to me to postear a budget example design Web, I hope that he is to you useful:


The services we designed and that I offer to you in ProfitHost; they are thought so that they are useful and you always ignore all the necessary technician and related to the Web and the fulfillment of its objectives, because we were in charge of everything, with the last technologies and paying special attention to the search engine optimization and the satisfaction of the user.

All our designs are Escalables, Premium, Responsive and with Administrator of Contents.

The design of webpages €“ Estimated Example Design Web

it is only a part of the necessary gear so that the design of webpages that represents companies or businesses fulfills their expectations of presence in Internet.

Other useful and less important and essential parts that we designed are not:


At the moment all the webpages need periodic updates vulnerabilities and optimization of their code, otherwise it would be affected the security, stability and the positioning, in addition to the appropriate thing of daily endorsing the pages and post office in backup copies,€¦ also including in the estimated example design Web.

It is why we created the membership SOSWP that includes the previous thing and adds customized consultant's office in administration of contents, search engine optimization and promotion in social networks.

Membership SOS WP

Far from being an idea of marketing to increase my income, the reason is not other that to be honest with me and you when offering you what you need to a reasonable price, because certainly you want a webpage that receives visits of people who you do not know, interested in your products and/or services, in addition that arrive at potential markets beyond your area of action.

Example of Budget Design Web in addition to the SOSWP.co membership

Example of Budget Design Web in addition to the SOSWP.co membership

To buy the design of a webpage and to try that it fulfills our commercial expectations, are similar to buy a car without wheels and to hope that it takes to end his function to transfer us from a place to another one, simply that is not going to happen no matter how much we need it or we wish.

Therefore, I do not realise designs of webpages without membership SOS WP, with the Example Estimated Design Web except for exceptions where the client conscious of is previously mentioned and/or has a professional equipment to take to end these tasks periodically.

Prices of Design of Webpages + SOSWP

Design of Webpages + Blog, Estimated example Design Web:

  • http://lacasonadequintes.com/
  • http://residenciacastiello.com/
  • https://chimeneahogar.com/
  • https://sldesign.es/
  • https://soldecor.es/
  1. Price without own reservations system: 775‚¬
  2. Price with own management and reservations system of clients: 1275‚¬


Membership of Support, Security and Maintenance, 

Characteristics of the Service: https://soswp.co/

  • Price: 500‚¬/a±o or 50‚¬/mes with annual commitment

Promotion of Extras, Including in the Membership (per time FREE limited):

  1. Web Hosting Administered and Optimized SEO + WPO: valued in 300‚¬/a±o
  2. Certificate installation and Configuration of Security SSL: valued in 160‚¬/a±o
  3. Revision, Optimization and social diffusion of a post to the month: valued in 250‚¬/a±o
  4. Card of Business in directory MiCiudad.TOP GEO Localizado: valued in 150‚¬/a±o
  5. Renovation and Administration of the www.loscantores.es domain: valued in 10‚¬/a±o
  6. IVA not including, the validity of this proposal is of 30 days.

Conditions of Payment and give of Estimated example Design Web


The payment of the design Web would take place in two parts: 50% at the beginning, 50% rest and the Membership to the following month of the first payment.   The time of accomplishment and publication, counting on the contents (photos and texts) in digital formats, is of 2-3 weeks.


Any doubt that you have in relation to the budget design Web calls to me ......

Salu2 and Gracias   Pedro Luis Cuevas Villarrubia WebMaster & SEO from 1999