Hello, today I bring a post to them cortito but with much substance, a calculator ROI and what is the ROI? excellent information for which it has the representation of his business with a design Web in Internet, information that more soon than behind schedule will need to know and to use.


What is the ROI? Definition:

The ROI or return of the investment, is some abbreviations and concept very fashionable at the moment, associated and applied to the campaigns of digital marketing as much inbound as outbound, basically is a thrown percentage calculating a series of parameters eg: the obtained total revenue of a campaign of marketing except the generated total expenditure of this campaign.

Additionally we can add other variables as: it reaches of the campaign, visitors generated, contacts from the webpage (leads), number of sales and benefit by sale.

The obtained percentage indicates to us if the campaign has been beneficial, the cost by leads and the cost by sale,€¦

Next the definition of ROI of Wikipedia:

calculator roi what is the ROI? asturwebs

The return on the investment (RSI or ROI, by the English abbreviations in of return on investment) is a financial reason that it compares the benefit or the utility obtained in relation to the realised investment, that is to say, €œrepresents a tool to analyze the yield that the company has from the financial point of view€


ROI= (Entrance-Cost) /Gasto.


In the result of the formula if the investment has a negative return the ROI will be smaller of 0, and on the contrary if it takes place a benefit will be positive. The more high it is the return, also the ROI will be greater and the satisfactory results the more.

In following info spelling, is added to the X100 formula to obtain the ROI as percentage %:


Calculator ROI

Different segmentations from this formula exist according to the marketing strategies to realise, in this case the calculator is programmed to calculate the ROI in a marketing campaign online.

Now you can use this simple and fast calculator ROI so many times Co

mo you need it:


Very didactic and recommendable basic video to have a good base to create effective campaigns of marketing:



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