Six Strategies SEO that all entrepreneur in Internet must know.

Nowadays and due to the diversity of Webs that exist in the Internet, it is quite difficult that a website simply excels by the mere fact to be created, by that reason I show next to the Six Strategies SEO to them that we used in ProfitHost €“ Design Web Asturias.

The entrepreneurs, either simply all that one that wishes to have presence in Internet, must take pains every day a little the more using technical proven by specialists to obtain visibility; in addition to being open to each and every one of the new options that are arising to catch the greater amount of potential clients interested in our services.

Disadvantage fundamental, is that due to diversity of advice and techniques that exists, few businessmen know by which to decide, since not each and every one of the strategies go to work indeed the same for website of food at home, that stops a store that sells articles for people with dietary intolerance, to put a single example.

The physical stores march different way; however, if that business also counts on presence in Internet and/or a store on line, he is essential implementing technical SEO.


And! what is the SEO?

Optimization Search Engine €“ Optimization for Web search engines, and colloquially knows as €œpositioning Web€, which talks about to the process by which it passes a webpage to also appear between the first places of the finders Web in Internet and to the professional specialized in this technical SEO.

This positioning is obtained through multiple techniques. Among them, having a design responsive Web, which means that the website adapts correctly, as much in movable devices (mobile phones or tablets) as in smart or desktop computers TV's, since the way in which the users use Internet, to changed drastically towards smartPhones and smart TV's.

However, except for creating intuitive, responsive, creative, attractive designs, among others many things, exist six indispensable techniques that all entrepreneur must know to remove his business afloat in line.


The Six SEO Esenciales Strategies


1. - Internal optimization (SEO on-site).

The SEO is also known as Optimization in finders, or Positioning Web.
However, one of the €œrules€ of this strategy to increase the visits to a site, consists of making sure that the website is recognized by the visitors and the web search engines Web.

Although this class of strategy is due to realise from inside; that is to say, one is due to progress from the code, the content, and the accessibility of the place to have positive results.

The best advice to fulfill this strategy are that the advisable words are put, as key orations, aside from labels that attend to organize the content correctly.

If these peculiarities are taken into account all, it is going to be simpler stops Google (Yahoo! Bing, or the used finder) to relate the site to the concrete content.

If the subjects treated in the website are determined suitably, it is going to be simpler than the visitors arrive at your page through a finder.


2. - External optimization (SEO in off - site).

This strategy does not depend entirely on our webpage, but rather on its relation and connection with the social networks and/or similar real estate; that is, of the visibility that obtains a webpage through the announcements put in other pages, the external publications of social networks that mention to us and they also include a connection, or links that finish in our Web.

That is, it enters more different sites (including social networks) share a connection towards a Web, major visibility is going to have, since Google will consider to the place as €œmore important€, or even better, as a place of authority in the subject at issue, relating to us to certain predefined term.

With which to put publicity or to be mentioned in a different platform (as being described by another place or weblog), are going to help that a webpage better is described by Google and it advises it as a safe page, which will in line attract the more potential visits our business.

SEO of €œwhite hat€ Although it can sound as a a magic trick, really talks about to use techniques different and totally legal to attract visits a Web as they are it these Six Strategies SEO.


3. - Use of hyperbonds.

In English it is known as €œbacklink€, and one focuses in creating an expensive hyperbond to any other external site. It is a sort of external optimization, but also it can also connect to the own site as complementary information.

These connections serve to increase the probability of the page of lawyers and this help to that the page is positioned faster in the first places. To this technique him flame of English white hat or in white-hat.


4. - Use and analysis of key words.

The specialists in SEO advise to examine what key words go more with the subject of which it is spoken to be able to include what that thinks the potential client would look for.

To put an example, if one looks for to give visibility to an expert site in different sorts from salads, hardly they will include key words as €œdogs€, since they are completely different subjects that they can complicate to Google the fact to him €œto restrict€ the site to certain you look for.


5. - Connections to popular and trustworthy sites.

In resistance to the hyperbonds that can take control of another article of the same site, to have a trustworthy base of connections it must merit to assure to the visitors and the finders Web that the complementary information is safe.

To serve to us as an example, Wikipedia has at least ten I connect in all and each article; however, because any person can publish it, it can contain false connections that they direct to deception.

This construction of trustworthy connections must take control to serious pages and of authentic and provable information.
The goal of these Six Strategies SEO is to increase the popularity of the place through the connection with other pages that have good content.


6. - Optimization of Carga or Page Speed.

Finally, a strategy that helps to each and every one of the sites, is to optimize the Web as so. That is to say, to limit the content of Flash or of Javascript, since the installed accessories of this sort are used to delaying the time of load of each page.

A usuary average closes to the few seconds a place if this nonload suitably, and the lowest percentage of them returns after the previous experience.

The best thing for a place is to optimize the time of load, since in this way the dredges are going to be able to cross all the content of the place and to know in question, without needing to block the accessories that bother to him or to discard the place to consider it very heavy.

Also, he is advisable to create excellent content and to which it is possible to be acceded simply, and so the design of a place influences enormously in the amount of received visits, more mainly in the amount of people who continue returning once in a while and visiting our webpage.

With these Six Strategies SEO, the entrepreneurs and businesses on line are going to have better tools to impel the website that wish.

Also I want to them to comment by stop the existence of€¦


SEO of €œblack hat€

This strategy can focus in illegal techniques to exactly achieve the same objective of the techniques of €œwhite hat€.
Although these are used to being used to gain visibility and followers of quicker form, they are used to breaking the rules that all the good websites we tried, and so after his fast initial conquest, they can lose popularity of still more fast form.

Between these recommended techniques nothing is: Excessive use of key words, without they are related to the content.

To create false pages that they make reference to the place (hyperbonds done by exactly the same person from a false Web).

Use of Spam.

As it is mentioned, with them a quick increase in the popularity of the site can be obtained; however, due to the use of false pages or of Spam, it can be blocked (and it will be it) to consider itself contained uncertain, aside from considering itself technical illegal.


And that is everything of summarized way, Thanks for your visit.