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Hosting SEO and WPO
  • Optimization Search Engine (S.E.O.)
  • WebSite Optimization Performance (W.P.O.)

Optimizations and techniques necessary to be able to improve the speed of load, the positioning Web and visits to your webpage. All our services come optimized preparations and from series, in addition to counting on Hosting SEO specialized between our services.

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Security Anti Hackers, Change Code, Trojans, Phishing,€¦

In quite nowadays habitual the hackeo of webpages or passwords, to be able to use your platform and resources Web to make shipments of Spam, this in the best one of the cases, attacks of all types looking for vulnerabilities that to be useful for generally illicit aims.

The equipment of MexWebs, is in charge to have the controlled situation, implemented the necessary safety measures in each case and by all means, constantly monitoring the traffic of your network, blockades concerning IP, Country, warnings to the mobile,€¦

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