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In fulfillment with the arranged thing in article 22,2 of Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce, this webpage informs to him, in this section, on the policy of collection and treatment of cookies.


A cookie is a file that unloading in its computer when acceding to certain webpages. The cookies allow a webpage, among other things, to store and to recover information on the habits of navigation of a user or its equipment and, following the information that contain and of the form in which it uses his equipment, they can be used to recognize the user.


The website it uses the following types of cookies:

  • Cookies of analysis: They are those that or tried by us or third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus to realise the measurement and statistical analysis of the use that the users do of the supplied service. For it its navigation in our webpage is analyzed with the purpose of to improve the supply of products or services that we offer to him.
  • Cookies technical: They are those that allow the user navigation through restricted area and the use of their different functions, as for example, to take in return the process of purchase of an article.
  • Cookies of personalisation: They are those that allow the user to accede to the service with some predefined characteristics of general character based on a series of criteria in the terminal of the user as for example they serian the language or the type of navigator through what it is connected to the service.
  • Cookies advertising: They are those that, or tried by this Web or by third parties, they allow to manage of the possible effective form the more the supply of the advertising spaces that is in the webpage, adapting the content of the announcement to the content of the asked for service or to the use that realise of our webpage. For it we can analyze his habits of navigation in Internet and can show publicity to him related to his profile of navigation.
  • Cookies of behavioural publicity: They are those that allow the management, of the possible most effective form, of the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the publisher has including in a webpage, application or platform from which serves asked for. This type of cookies stores information of the behavior of the visitors obtained through the continued observation of their habits of navigation, which allows to develop a specific profile to show advertising warnings based on the same.


You can allow, block or eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment by means of the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in your computer. In the majority of the navigators Web the possibility is offered to allowing, of blocking or of eliminating the cookies installed in its equipment. Next it can accede to the configuration of the navigating more frequent Webs to accept, to install or to deactivate the cookies:


In particular, we used the services of Google Adsense and Google Analytics for our statistics and publicity. Some cookies are essential for the operation of the site, for example the built-in finder. Our site includes other functionalities provided by third parties. You can easily share the content in social networks as Facebook, Twitter or Google +, with the bellboys who there are including to this end.


You can eliminate and block all the cookies of this site, but part of the site will not work or the quality of the webpage can turns affected. If it has any doubt about our policy of cookies, it can contact with this webpage through the [email protected] email address.

Legal warning cookies

One communicates the users, through this warning, who can be used cookies when the user sails by the different pages from the website. During the use of our webpage, you specifically accept and you authorize the use of cookies in agreement with our policy of privacy.
The cookies are archives that can be unloaded in their equipment through the webpages. They are tools that have an essential paper for the benefit of numerous services of the society of the information.
Among others, they allow a webpage to store and to recover information on the habits of navigation of a user or its equipment and, following the obtained data, they are possible to be used to recognize the user and to improve the offered service.
According to who is the organization that manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and treats the data that are obtained can be distinguished two types:


  • Cookies own
  • Cookies of third parties
On the other hand, one second classification exists according to the term of time that remains stored in the navigator of the client, being able to be:
  • Cookies of session
  • Cookies persistent
Finally, another classification with five types of cookies exists according to the purpose for which the collected data treat:
  • Cookies technical
  • Cookies of personalisation
  • Cookies of analysis
  • Cookies advertising
  • Cookies of behavioural publicity

Acceptance of the cookies

The holder of the webpage assumes that you accept the use of cookies. However, he shows to information on his Policy of cookies in the part superior of any page of the portal with each beginning of session with the intention of which you are conscious.
Before this information it is possible to take to end the following actions:
  • To accept cookies. One will not become to visualize this warning when acceding to any page of the portal during the present session.
  • To continue sailing without accepting the warning of cookies explicitly. In this case we understand that it accepts the use of cookies implicitly.
  • To continue sailing, but modifying the configuration of the navigator. Of this form it will be able to accept and to reject of particular form the cookies that wish.
  • To close. It can close the page if it is not in agreement with the use of the indicated cookies.

To modify the configuration of the Cookies

You can restrict, block or erase the cookies of any other webpage, using his navigator. In each navigator the operative one is different, the function of Help will show to him how to do it.