Hello?  a series of factors exists that are determining at the time of obtaining results with designs of webpages, or you are a company with presence in Internet or a company created in Internet, known these last ones as .com companies, in addition to the new tendency to make profitable our blog or our social page, we see some of them:

First step: the domain name

Although in fact those are several domains that we could use, to begin with good foot we will only use 2.

One is, that or you thought that it identifies your brand, name of company or idea of business with the extension of your country and another one with .com to be available.

Otherwise we can use one that contains 2 or 3 words €œnail€ excellent fused with your brand, those words that your potential client will put in the finder of Google and which they identify your sector and/or products or services.

That although Google announced that the domains with exact key words (EMD) will stop having benefits extra, date of today (28/10/07) they continue enjoying benefits the sites with had of quality that has key words; as I previously mentioned better to use a fusion name brand and keyword. It is also very useful to have cheap dedicated server with cpanel since your website will be the only one hosted in a particular server. Not only that, you can also use affordable vps hosting cpanel which provides a lot of benefits and tools. For example, there are MySQL, PHP, etc.


And for sample a button of the hand of Matt Cutts, who translated comes to say that domains EMD in pages of low quality will be affected.

We will deal with not using special characters as far as possible, e±e nor the accents and that are not very long nor difficult to remember.

We would have for example: asturwebs.com | profithost.net, the strategies to follow with these domains are several and would depend on a previous analysis, but it could thus be something, whereas clause 1 supplier of hosting for each domain or 1 IP of different class C for each domain (TLD):

profithost.net €“ > main domain where we will lodge the webpage and the post office.

asturwebs.com/asturwebsdesign.com/paginasturwebs.com €“ > redirection 301 towards the main domain.

Secondly step: a lodging appropriate Web


The first step is very important, but the election of a good supplier of lodging of webpages, will be determining for the success of our business in Internet, support, stability, security, redundancy, flexibility and rapidity, and cheapest unlimited web hosting will be the main parameters to consider, in addition to being national and that provides IP's to us national.

At the moment, it would recommend you for Spain: unelink.es and as not€¦ with me (ProfitHost.ES), that you will have the best thing of Unelink with an extra layer of optimization, has supported and maintenance!

Web Hosting Hosting - ProfitHost

To accede in image a: Web Hosting Hosting €“ ProfitHost

An option World very recommendable Class if you look for, security, consultant's office and support, cradle in the satisfaction of the client and the technical support 24H. of immediate answer he is alojamientoweb.top (own project of Web hosting).

Third step: a design oriented adaptable and modular Web to the SEO


When we thought about the budget of the design of a webpage, usually we focus mainly in the visual part, but it is only the end of the iceberg, reason why we do not have to neglect the part that maintains it afloat and does possible that it is beautiful.

Scalability, accessibility, solidity, security, potability are only some of the characteristics that we must value in addition to the important visual aspect of our webpage.

In ProfitHost, through 20 years of experience in sector Web, Web hosting, design of webpages SEO and marketing Web and vps hosting reseller we used and we recommended WordPress without doubt to you, to fulfill yet the previous thing amply.

Design of Webpages Profesionales - ProfitHost

Design of Webpages Profesionales €“ ProfitHost

We do not have either to forget us that it is an adaptable design responsive or, that is to say, that independent of the platform in which we accede to the webpage, this will see of impeccable form, or in a tablet, mobile phone, desktop computer or monitor of high resolution.

After the previous steps, we will have some solid bases in which to be able to develop our project in Internet.

Thanks for your visit!