Design of Webpages 2019

Listing of Prices of the design of a webpage and the services necessary to publish it and to promote it with Design Web Asturias ProfitHost, so that you have a fast reference of the costs to have a design Web, representing your business in Internet of visible way.

That Necesitas Webpage?

Several options at the time of defining what type of webpage you need, following the use to exist which it goes destined, in ProfitHost, I use modular and escalables systems, being possible raisin from a model to another one of the following:


  1. Webpage + Blog: from 697‚¬
  2. Blog: from 350‚¬
  3. Landing Page: from 375‚¬
  4. Store in line: from 897‚¬

Extra services

  • Consultant's office Web: Free
  • Design of Logo, even Signature email and Business card (3 revisions): 150‚¬
  • Additional languages: 250‚¬/c.u.
  • Installation and Configuration of the Module of Invoicing and Reserves on Line: 300‚¬ + 50‚¬/a±o
  • Installation and Configuration of the Module of Store Online WooCommerce:  300‚¬ including in Store in line.
  • Adaptation of Dise±o from the Page to the Store: 200‚¬ including in Store in line.
  • Installation and Configuration of the Administrator of WordPress Contents: 50‚¬ including in all the designs.
  • Installation and Configuration of Premium Subject DIVI + Social Networks: 50‚¬ including in all the designs.
  • Creation of Pages or Sections: from 20‚¬ by page
  • Optimization of Speed PageSpeed de Google: from 100‚¬

Necessary services for a Web

Update of Prices for this year, in addition to new services and packages available to a better price, also we awarded the fidelity of our clients, with some gratuitous services and discounts of until 50%.

Web Hosting SSD

Servers lodged in datacenters of world-wide class, always with the last stable technologies and the fastest connections available at the moment.


  • Creation and Administration of Hosting Professional Web SSD: from 50‚¬/a±o
  • Consultant's office: Gratuitous for all
  • Administration, management DNS + Registry/Renovation or Crossing of .com Domains €“ .es €“ .eu: 25‚¬/a±o c.u. €“ Free for clients
  • Certificate registry and Configuration of Security SSL (https): 50‚¬/a±o €“ Free for clients
  • Creation and configuration of Accounts of email and WebMail: 10‚¬/c.u. €“ Free for clients

Marketing in Internet

Search engine optimization SEO

  • Consultant's office: Gratuitous
  • Optimization SEO on Page: 50‚¬ by page
  • Planning and Maintenance of Campaigns of Marketing Web: 60‚¬/hora
  • Pack SEO on Page de Mantenimiento + Optimization + competition (3) + Information pdf: 150‚¬/mes or 1.500‚¬/a±o
    • General information pdf + Investigation of Key words + Analysis of Competition (3): 150‚¬
  • Card of Presence Web GeoLocalizada in Directory of Local Businesses (MKT SOLOMO), Miciudad.TOP: 100‚¬/a±o €“ Free for clients
  • Configuration of List of Mail (Mailchimp) and implementation in the Web: 150‚¬ 
  • Management of Search Console and correction of errors: 100‚¬/mes
  • Management of Google Analytics: 100‚¬/mes
  • Creation, Configuration and Management of Social Networks: from 250‚¬/mes

Support and Maintenance Web and WordPress

Pack of Maintenance Web and Security

    • Consultant's office: Gratuitous
    • Security, Support, Updates and Daily Maintenance: 50‚¬/mes or 500‚¬/a±o
      • Installation and configuration of the Pack Basic Plugins + BackUPS: 100‚¬ (including without cost in the Pack of Maintenance Web and Security)
      • Installation and configuration of the Pack Plugins de Seguridad: 150‚¬ (including without cost in the Pack of Maintenance Web and Security)
      • Installation and configuration of the Pack Plugins de Premium Optimizaci³n + CDN: 250‚¬ (including without cost in the Pack of Maintenance Web and Security)
  • Modifications, Configurations or Interventions Extra: 40‚¬/hora
  • Attention at home: 60‚¬/hora
  • Installation and Configuration of Plugins and Additional Temas: 40‚¬/hora (including without cost in the Pack of Maintenance Web and Security)
Prices IVA not including in Design Web Asturias ProfitHost.