Support and MAINTENANCE WEB for WordPress

Design Web Asturias | ProfitHost, offers the professional services to you for WordPress that your page needs for being visible and profitable in Internet.

Plans of Maintenance and Support for WordPress

I in line am in charge of all necessary so that your Webpage, Blog, Store online or Academy of Courses with WordPress, safe, am updated, functional and in line.



The services that we offer in ProfitHost; we are thought so that you ignore all the necessary technician and related to the  Web and the fulfillment of its objectives, we were in charge of everything, like the web hosting with unlimited storage always with the last technologies and paying special attention to the search engine optimization and the satisfaction of the user.

All our design is Escalables, Premium, Responsive and with Administrator of Contents.

The design Web is only a part of the necessary gear so that a webpage that represents a company or business fulfills its expectations of presence in Internet, other less important parts are not: the lodging Web, maintenance, unlimited bandwidth hosting optimization, security, promotion and search engine optimization.

At the moment all the webpages need periodic updates vulnerabilities and optimization of their code, otherwise it would be affected the security, stability and the positioning, in addition to the appropriate thing of daily endorsing the pages and post office in backup copies,€¦


Articles of Maintenance and Support Web


Happy Celebrations: From ProfitHost, we want to congratulate the celebrations of year end and to thank for to all our clients and friendly to them to have trusting in us in this our first year with ProfitHost. We are it jeopardize with offering a professional service to companies€¦

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Maintenance Web

If you use WordPress, membership SOSWP will provide the Time and the Tranquillity to you that you need.

While I am in charge of the security and the correct performance of your webpage,

or a personal blog, the representation of a company or your business in Internet.

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