Web Hosting for WordPress

Web Hosting Specialized and Optimized for WordPress.


Plans of Web Hosting WordPress

In Lodged Servidores and VPS's in Datacenters of First Class, with Dedicated Resources and€¦ Administered 100% with Support for WordPress.

The base of all good business in Internet is the Web Hosting or Web Hosting, in ProfitHost I invest constantly to be able to offer to my clients the technology and the configuration that need, so that their websites can compete with the best ones.



Satisfaction Guaranteed of by life, at the moment that you decide to leave, without questions and steps, I give your last monthly instalment to you to lean in the change.



We were in charge of Everything!

Migration, updates, configurations,€¦ the necessary thing so that everything works as it must.


Support and Consultant's office Web SEO

Advisory Web Senior SEO, specialized in WordPress, with more than fifteen years of experience in the sector, is to your disposition at the moment that you need it.


Technology of End!

Sprout all the servers periodically and I maintain updated all the services precise, as they appear new stable versions.


Tranquillity of Series

Being conscious of the importance of your information, several daily, local backup copies are realised and remote, they guarantee the integrity of your data.  


Support Level 4 24H/365D

Technical personnel with the knowledge of levels 1, 2 and 3, aside handles the installation, administration and operation of Servers Microsoft and Linux


Limitless characteristics

E-mails, Settled Data bases, Applications, Subdominios, Car park of Domains,€¦


Security and Availability

Anti-virus, Anti-Hakers, Anti-Spam,€¦ In addition to monitoring in real time all the services.


Articles of Web Hosting


Three Steps To have Results with Your Web

Or you are a company with presence in Internet or a company created in Internet, known these last ones as .com companies, in addition to the new tendency to make profitable our blog or our social page, we see some of them: €¦

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You need a good service of Web optimized Hosting to improve the positioning and the stability of your page in Internet?

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